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Astri Megatari

Astri Megatari (lahir di Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, 10 Juli 1986; umur 32 tahun) adalah pembawa acara berita Indonesia. Ia menjadi anchor dalam program berita Seputar Indonesia. Astri juga merupakan salah satu dalam kandidat ajang Puteri Indonesia 2008.

Sejak tanggal 21 November 2008 hingga 30 Juni 2010, dia bekerja di Trans TV membawakan acara berita Reportase Malam.

Sejak tanggal 1 Juli 2010, dia bekerja di RCTI membawakan acara berita Seputar Indonesia Pagi, Seputar Indonesia Siang, Seputar Indonesia Sore dan Sekilas Info.

Institute of Technology Telkom

Bandung, West Java

Graduated in 2008, GPA 3,46

Labschool Rawamangun Senior High School




East Jakarta

Graduated in 2004

Tunas Jakasampurna Junior High School

Bekasi, West Java

Graduated in 2001

Tunas Jakasampurna Elementary School

Bekasi, West Java

Graduated in 2001

Organizational Experiences

Senior High School : - Coordinator of Public Relation Division at Labschool Student Body


- Member of Program division at PSI Labs event (music event) (2003)

- Treasurer of ASTRO LABS (Art Sport for Trophy Labschool) (2003)

- Public Relation of SOUNERIE LABS (piano recital event) and ZIPHORT LABS (cinema and photography event) (2003)

- Project Manager of SCARTY LABS (Social, Education and Charity Labschool) (2003)

University : - Sponsorship and Marketing division in STT TELKOM EXPO (2005)

- Research and Development Division of Language Laboratory STT TELKOM (2007)

- Liason Oficer of Srilanka at Bandung International Folklore Festival (2007)

- Assistant of Business Simulation Laboratory STT Telkom (2007)

Employment & experiences

2008 – 2010

PT Televisi Transformasi Indonesia (TRANS TV)

Reporter and Presenter for Reportase

Presenter of “Tanah Airku” segment

Presenter of “Respons”

2010 – December 2015

PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI)

Presenter and Producer for Seputar Indonesia Siang

Besides presenting regular news at Seputar Indonesia, I also being assigned for interviews, programmes, segments and live reports such as:

- Sergap (2010)

- Seputar Mudik (2010 & 2011)

- Interview with Dwight Yorke (Manchester United Former Player)

- Special Live Report Royal Wedding Kraton Yogyakarta ( 13 – 18 October 2011 )

- Special Segment EURO CUP (2012)

- Interview with Bashaer Othman (world’s youngest city mayor from Palestine) (2012)

- Interview with Ian Rush (Liverpool’s Legend) (2013)

- Exclusive interview with Arjen Robben (Netherland’s football player) (2013)

- Exclusive interview with Arsene Wenger (Arsenal Football Club’s Manager) (2013)

- Bendera Negeriku (17 Agustus 2013)

- Segment Muhibah Pesantren (Ramadhan 2013)

- Special Live Report for KTT APEC at Bali (2-8 October 2013)

- Segment “Pahlawanku” (1-10 November 2013)

- Negeri Tanpa Kemudi (30-31 December 2013)

- Segment “Warung Politik” (March 2014)

- Special interview with Prabowo Subianto, one of candidates for Presidential Election 2014 (2 June 2014)

- Seputar Indonesia Siang Spesial Pilihan Indonesia (9 July 2014)

- Producer of segment called “Catatan Astri”. It’s a weekly segment at Seputar Indonesia Siang that covers health and family issues.

- Interview with Nate Reuss, American musician (December 2015)

January 2016 – present

Ministry of Home Affairs Republic of Indonesia

Government Public Relation

While I was doing my duty as Government Public Relation, I also involved in Nation Branding Research by The Officce of Presidential Staff, as an interviewer for the stakeholder and Key Opinion Leader, such as:

- Jusuf Kalla (Vice President of Indonesia)

- Puan Maharani ( Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs )






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