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Profile Fanny Rahmasari

Fanny Rahmasari was born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia 3 April 1975.  She graduated from Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia in 1996 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts majoring in Regional Communication.

Being a journalist and working in media industry had always been the dream of Fanny since she was in junior high school.  She started her career in media industry in 1997 straight after graduated from university.  She worked in a newly-established company called PT. Bintang Advis Multimedia.  She started as a TV journalist and script writer in this company, producing a TV show called Cek & Ricek.  The company then appointed her as the producer of several TV show such as Cek & Ricek, Halo Selebriti, Seleblitz, and Kroscek.  She has also  been the host of  Cek & Ricek airing on RCTI (every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 4 PM), up until now.  She is the  Managing Director of  PT. Bintang Media Sariusaha,  the subsidiary company of PT. Bintang Advis Multimedia.  With this company, she has produced several reality shows, celebrity-news program , TV Commercials and managed some events such as music concerts and roadshows.  She is now the producer of Cek & Ricek (RCTI) and Halo Selebriti (SCTV).  As a presenter, Fanny has been consecutively awarded 5 Panasonic Awards for the Most Favorite Infotainment Presenter (1998-2002).  For the past 10 years, she has been consecutively nominated as the Most Favorite Infotainment Presenter in the Panasonic Awards.  In her spare time, Fanny is also freelancers as instructor spesialised in teaching Presenters’ Skills, off-air MC. 


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